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March 1, 2009
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BS vs GK colors by danimation2001 BS vs GK colors by danimation2001
So here's the colors for Batman and Superman VS Goku and Kakashi.

My take on who would win before doing this piece was that I thought Goku and Kakashi would win hands down. But then I threw the question at some other people and asked them why they thought that way. One said that superman would win because he's able to push planets. Thinking back on Goku, when has he ever moved a planet? Sure he's able to blow one up, but move it?

That's something to think about there. And then there's Batman, he's a thinker, lets get that straight, he's actually been able to take down superman for that very reason. Everyone has a weakness that can be exploited, even Kakashi. He has a limited amount of chakra, making him waste some might help, Though honestly I still would think Kakashi would win, but I wouldn't count Bats out really.

So what's your take on this whole concept. Who would win and give some good reason.

What gives one of these characters the edge, or rather positives that would favor them?
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My money's on Goku and Kakashi!
JohnLatskyArt Feb 22, 2014
Whoever the writer of these epic clashes intends to win will win. Let's not forget that they are fictional characters afterall and like in many comics and manga, the writer has the last say on who will come out triumphant.

But that's just a logical way to look at it. As much as I like Bats, Superman and Kakashi, Goku's strength has not been determined yet and who's to say Goku can't reach SSJ5 - onwards?
kitvenom Jan 23, 2014  New member
Superman vs goku
goku because it takes him less than 5 seconds to go super saiyan. Also because he beat up frieza and frieza could destroy a planet in his first form. Goku could just ga SSJ4 and dominate superman. But this wouldn't happen because there both nice and are good.

Kakashi vs batman
Kakashi would just use his sharingan and send some hounds to rip batman to shreds. But this would never happen because batman would probably want to see him fight and vice versa. They would also probably be friends.
But again this is my opinion.
In reality the battle is inconclusive because Gokus feats are too vague with no numbers attached to them. Anyone who attempts to calculate Goku's strength or power or speed is at some point assuming something without proving it. Assumptions have no place in a field of deductive reasoning.
danimation2001 Dec 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Very reasonably said.
Goku vs Superman death battle is misleading. Screw Attack made up their own formula to calculate Goku's power. It's a lie.…
Screw Attack also said Goku couldn't teleport easily, but that's a lie too. They used Kid Buu blowing up the earth and Goku failing to teleport as an example of that, but Goku was trying to get to Supreme Kai who lives in a dimension far away outside the cosmos sphere which takes longer and is harder to do. Furthermore Goku was freaking out his sons were about to die and the world was about to end. Goku has teleported in battle before many times fighting Buu, Cell, rescuing Piccolo and Tien from Cell, and even in Battle of gods against Birusu. As for Superman destroying a solar system, that was Pre Crisis Superman and he did it after magic dust gave him the power to. Superman fans take everything of context. Superman does have limits too. He almost died before from absorbing too much solar energy at once in All Star Superman when he rescued a scientist's spaceship from falling into the sun.


It’s worth pointing out that it basically says the reason Goku’s weight training in Heaven was so effective was that he used Bukujutsu to float in midair as he used the weights, which made it much harder. It also says his image training/meditation was a means to raise his maximum ki, as muscle training has a limit. Toriyama mentioned there being limits to how much training your muscles could do and needing ki to overcome that limit in the book’s interview.

Some things of interest is that it describes Gohan’s training as being based mostly on strengthening and learning to control his ki, while Vegeta’s training is described as training his muscles to the limit. And as a result of Vegeta’s training, it says he awakened to Super Saiyan 2, so that’s another data point in that debate (Daizenshuu 7 also says Vegeta acquired Super Saiyan 2 through training).…

lunaruno Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I say one million superman 
SPC returns, being around for 50+ years doesn't mean anything. Superman was already unbeatable the day he was introduced. Like I said earlier, if you don't have krytonite or the red sun, you're not going to beat Superman. If anyone who still doesn't understand why you need krytonite or the red sun to beat Superman then you don't know his true powers and weaknesses. No DBZ characters can beat Superman, even SPC. With all those levels of SS's, it still doesn't change a thing against Superman. Something to keep in mind, if you can bleed, you can be beat, you can be killed. That's exactly what happens to all the DBZs.
LOL I know this is an old post but was fun reading it... I think both would be a good fight.... What I think is interesting is the different possible ways they could come about to fight one another.... I think a fight starting from scratch favors Kakashi with all his abilities... What I think is funny is how some talk about superman not "training" like Goku has... To that my point would be that Superman is already naturally strong and has a high tolerance for many things including pain (in other words, in DBZ terms, you are dismissing Supermans abilities cuz he is already in SS mode all the time lol).... Goku has to go through stages to get himself stronger... another point was made about how much of a fighter Goku is and Superman is supposedly not.... I seem to remember Superman been around for years and has fought a lot of people... Did he lose his speed all of a sudden? He cant fight fast? Not sure how fast Superman is compared to Sayans but even in DBZ world someone with higher SS level is faster and thus beats the other regardless of martial art ability..... In my opinion, Superman seems to have a strong constitution while Goku has stronger blast attacks.... Though some say Superman holds back... which some seem to dismiss...... My scenario deems that Superman wins if it is purely a fight to the death and Goku does not know about kryptonite... If Superman didnt hold back and Goku hasnt gotten to his higher SS mode which seems to take a short period of time at least... I would think Goku gettin clocked by an already much faster Superman would be enough to break him....   By the way, I claim not to be an expert but i think some things people were puttin out there was a bit off lol

Awesome pic by the way :)
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