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So it's been a while since I've posted anything even a journal entry (I hope to change that eventually and start posting regularly).

But for now I should tell people what I'm up to, Currently I'm working on several things, One being More MMORPG work, the others being that I'll be moving to California Apparently for a little while to do a 30 long day non-stop crunch on a new online game together with other artists that I've worked with on the previous games, Some time in July.

So there's that and as well There's Disney, Which I've recently started freelancing work with various artists. So far things are looking good, I think the artists there are digging my work so far, and I hope to keep it up.

As well I'll be moving to Florida soon, from NYC.

And on a final note to end my stay at NY with a bang, I went and saw Kevin Smith's new horror movie RED STATE, at the Radio City Music Hall. And I must profess how absolutely awesome this movie was. It is literally one of Kevin's best films to date I think. The shots were very well done, the acting great, the dialog absolutely freak'n amazing, horrific, brilliant, thought provoking and even funny. I won't go and spoil anything, So I'll just leave it at that. You should definitely check this thing out early if you can. Check out the dates that he's traveling around showing the Movie and giving a Q and A afterward here  ;

It isn't cheap right now but it's worth it to see it early and ask questions from various actors involved with the film and Kevin Smith as well in the Q&A.


Just updating this journal with the news about the Sacred Seasons 2 game being up and online to play over at… Kongregate.

Here are somethings that I did that are in the game, I did a ton of color work but also contributed to some bgs and did a ton of NPCs.

NPC character sheet by danimation2001 East Mass Tree faces by danimation2001 Scrapyard Tower by danimation2001
Beach Shore low tide by danimation2001 Barn Dungeon top + base by danimation2001 Church Dungeon BG by danimation2001
Church base + top by danimation2001

and Be sure to check out Introducing... vol 2 Link below.
Ok, so it's been a while since I've updated my journal or for that matter my gallery.

Time to spill some beans.


For a while now I've been working on an online MMORPG called Sacred Seasons2. a revamp of Sacred Seasons 1.

You can check out the old version here:

and here's a bit of a tease of what I've been helping out with
Level Design by SC4V3NG3R

There's quite a lot to do, from concepts, Bgs, animations, etc. But very fun and I think quite an interesting MMORPG.

You can also check out more sneak peeks at


I've also been working on 8 pieces for the new Introducing... art book vol. 2

Featured artists:

Check out the previews
Introducing Volume 2 by shaotemp

and if you didn't guess it, that's my real name up there. Daniel Tiberius Salgo. The cats out of the bag now.

It's full of absolutely great artwork, I'm being serious about this, the previews that I've seen from these guys have been amazing.

Preorders for the book can be done here:
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