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bitmap selection tutorial #0003 Learnuary by danimation2001 bitmap selection tutorial #0003 Learnuary by danimation2001
Updating one part of this. When making the selection you can use the hand tool while still making your selection. Simply click and hold with the mouse button, let go of the alt button and then press the space bar. When you're finished moving the screen to where you want to make the next point still holding down the mouse button, let go of the space bar and then press the "alt" button again.

This was actually an old video tutorial that I created a while ago that I believe I posted on my website, We're talking windows XP old. Though I never did post it here, as Deviantart doesn't support some video formats like avi. So I thought why not just chop it up and explain the images.

This tutorial is about how to go about making a perfect selection on bitmap lineart. And as well adding in some filters to get a video effect.

For Learnuary Here's how YOU can JOIN IN with #LEARNUARY! by STUDIOBLINKTWICE

Lineart by Keron Grant :iconkerong:
For the comic book Son of Vulcan issue #1
STUDIOBLINKTWICE Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2018  Professional Artist
This is great, pal, thank you for re-formatting to share with a new audience! Great work! LEARNUARY hero!!!

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